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Information Technology has become an inseparable aspect of everyone’s life in this digital era. Personal Computers, Mobile Phones, and other electronic Gadgets are now an inseparable items of everyone’s life whether they are IT professionals or any other ordinary or extraordinary human of this age. However, while dealing with these gadgets, one may come around certain type of difficulties or glitches. Or even sometimes the user may not even know how to start about with a software or a process. For e.g. a user may not know how to install a new Operating System (OS) while he is trying to switch over from existing OS to a new one or freshly installing a new OS on a personal computer or laptop.

A naïve user may find it difficult to change simple settings on his system while an advanced user may face difficulties while installing multiple Operating Systems on his system, communicating between various systems on local network, setting up environments for software development, installing and configuring servers for hosting of such developed software.

An effort has been made by the author of this Blog to publish useful solutions as posts. The posts provides step wise practical solutions  which could be read by the user and applied as per his requirements. Also, the author provides videos on his YouTube channel which features recorded demonstrations of the issues faced by users in the domain of Information Technology at work or during personal use of PCs.

The author has tried to provide solutions to the problems which may be common to various users working in their  personal capacity as an employee, as an student or as a professional. For solutions to any specific problem in the domain of Information Technology, users can contact the author at Contact Us page. It would be tried to provide a well suited solution to the problems faced by users with a practical approach by way of posts and videos by the author.

The author, academically, is a Post Graduate with Master of Technology (M. Tech.) and Master of Computer Applications (MCA) degrees.

The author, professionally, is an IT Officer engaged in conceptualization, execution and management of various Information Technology projects of societal importance. The projects comprise of design, development and deployment of Software Solutions and establishment of underlying IT Hardware and Network infrastructure for successful implementation and execution of the project.